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“Hope everything’s okay!” – Fans react as GeorgeNotFound reveals going to the hospital with Dream

On December 17, Minecraft streamer George “GeorgeNotFound” revealed that he was being taken to the hospital by fellow Minecrafter and housemate Clay “Dream.” The tweet came only a couple of hours after he announced a possible livestream.

At the time of writing, GeorgeNotFound was live on his Twitch channel and appeared to be doing okay. His channel is presently among the most popular on the platform with over 4.9 million followers. He also posted a Twitter update after returning from the infirmary.

His announcement of having to go to the hospital prompted fans to share some comical responses and speculations. However, many also expressed concern for GeorgeNotFound’s health. User ‘@DTQK_UPDATES’ said:

“Um????? Drive safe please hope everythings okay!!!”

GeorgeNotFound, who presently resides in the United States with his streamer-friends Dream and Sapnap, informed fans on December 17 that he was being taken to the hospital.

Although he did not reveal the reason on his socials, he appeared to be fine in his stream later in the day.

A few hours following his first tweet, he made a post on his alternative Twitter account revealing that he had received an injection in his glutes. He wrote:

“Just got a shot of steroids in my a** I’m gunna get JACKED”

Prior to this, he had shared a tweet announcing his return from the hospital and that he was finally live on the purple platform. He posted:

“just got back from hospital and im live streaming lol”

Many in the Minecraft community comically speculated that George’s hospital visit had something to do with a pregnancy, building on the long-standing joke of him having a “romantic” relationship with Dream.

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